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222nm Far UVC light

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222nm Far UVC light

Model SC-LS1888A
Product name  222 nm Far UVC sterilizer
Wattage Rate 60W   
Life span 8,000+ Hours
Warranty 1 year
Certificates CE/RoHS
Installation floor standing mount
Adapter Voltage (v) 110V/230V AC
Input Voltage (v) 12V DC
Input current (mA) 5A
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Wave Length 222nm
Disinfection area VS Disinfection time Less than 15 sqm (10-30 seconds)
15-30 sqm (30 seconds-2 minutes)
30-50csqm (2-5 minutes)
Fixture body size (mm) 138x138x395mm
Quantity/Carton (pcs) 1
Carton Size L*W*H (cm) 20.5x16.5x44.8
Net weight (kg) 1.4
Gross weight (kg) 1.6
Quotation is valid for 15days
Delivery time: Shipment will be in 7-10days from the date receiving T/T payment
Application: Authoritative research shows that: far ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 222nm is not only harmless to human skin and eyes, but also does not contain harmful materials such as mercury ,no ozone is released, and can be completely environmentally friendly. In the experiment of sterilizing bacteria on the skin, the bactericidal effect of 222nm far-ultraviolet light is equivalent, and the experiment proves that 222nm UVC radiation will not cause skin cancer. In view of this, this product adopts Far 222 nm UVC sterilizer technology for R&D and production, which can be widely used in daily life, medical institutions, schools, shopping malls, airports, hotels and other public places to truly realize the coexistence of human and machine sterilization.
Installation Manual
1. Take out the adapter connector and insert it into the input port of the host, and connect it to a household voltage of 110-240V in standby state;
2. Press the switch to enter the disinfection mode, and the equipment starts to work;
3. Press the remote control switch for 3 seconds to enter the timing function. The three timing settings can be selected from 15 minutes/30 minutes/60 minutes. After selected, it enters a 30-second delay, the light is on and the buzzer sounds to remind the user;
4.After disinfection according to the selected time, the far-ultraviolet light will automatically turn off and return to the shutdown state.

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