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Automobile hand hold wireless air pump intelligent digital display (18650 Detachable Battery)

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Automobile hand hold wireless air pump intelligent digital display

(18650 Detachable Battery)

Model SAPB-18650
Product name Automobile hand hold wireless air pump intelligent digital display
(18650 Detachable Battery 3000mAh)
Wattage Rate 120W (max power) 
Input Voltage 12V DC
Battery Capacity  18650battery 12V 2200mAh
Charging Time  3hours (Full charge battery can charge 4 tires once)
Continue Working Time 15minutes
Life span 20,000+ Hours
Warranty 1 year
Function Inflation, Test the tire pressure, LED lighting and automatic charging and stopping
Inflation Time 3-5 minutes 
Cable Wire Length 3 meters
Battery Removable Yes
Air Pressure Flow 25L/min
Package Content 1x Air Pump
1x Charger
1x Inflation Tube
3x Air Faucets
Control Mode  Manual control 
Body material ABS
IP rating IP20
Body Color Golden/Black
Fixture size (mm) 165mm x 45mm x 215mm
Single Package Size  295mm x 72mm x 230mm
Quantity/Carton (pcs) 16
Carton Size L*W*H (cm) L60.5x W47.5 x H32.5
Net weight (kg) 16
Gross weight (kg) 17
FOB Price (<50pcs) US$13 (Cigarette cable+Air Pump no battery);
US$21 (Cigarette charger + Air Pump with battery);      
FOB Price (<500pcs) US$12.5 (Cigarette cable+Air Pump no battery);
US$20(Cigarette charger + Air Pump with battery);  
FOB Price (<1000pcs) US$12 (Cigarette cable+Air Pump no battery);
US$19(Cigarette charger + Air Pump with battery);
Quotation is valid for 15days
Delivery time: Shipment will be in 7-10days from the date receiving T/T payment
Lithium Iron Phosphate battery 18650 is detachable, so it can be shipped individual.                                                                   The battery with base is US$9.50/pc; The trachea cost is US$1.00/pc; The cigarette base charger is US$3.75

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