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20W 30W 40W UVC Sterilizer Tubes

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20W 30W 40W UVC Sterilizer Tubes


20W 30W 40W T8 UVC Disinfection Lamp For Home,Office,Travel and Pet Disinfection
1.UVC sterilizer light, use 360° wide beam angle, it completely removes odor and dust particles, an effective improvement to your living environment .
2.No ultraviolet rays of ozone are radiated in a straight line. Can't clean in all directions. UV + ozone can be 360 ° clean, efficient sterilization, remove formaldehyde odor, purify the air.
3.Aluminum alloy bracket, UV lamp tube, stainless steel lamp holder, interface connection, plug & play, not only beautiful, but also difficult to yellow when exposed to ultraviolet light. Full copper contact, secure insulation, T8 pipe diameter approx. 2.5 cm.
4.Remove bad smells from bedroom, bathroom, living room, carpeting, wardrobe, pet, basement, mall, etc.
5.UV radiation can damage eyes and skin. During the disinfection process, people / animals and plants must wait outside and ventilate for 45 minutes after disinfection.
1. When the ultraviolet disinfection lamp works, ultraviolet rays can cause burns to the eyes and skin. Please ensure that there are no people and animals in the work space and avoid looking directly at the ultraviolet rays.
2. It is recommended that each sterilization time be more than 30 minutes
3. Ventilate the space for 30-45 minutes after sterilization to dispel the odor left by the germ
4. Please use a clean rag to clean the lamp when using it for many times in the later period.
1. The disinfection lamp is connected to the switch line, which is convenient and practical, and can be used by directly plugging into the household outlet.
2. Regular use of high-efficiency sterilization and disinfection lamps can effectively reduce the breeding of bacteria and mites. It is recommended that 2-3 times a week, each 30-60 minutes.
3. Ultraviolet sterilization lamp adopts ultraviolet + ozone and double sterilization without dead angle.
4. Disinfection lamp is suitable for schools, restaurants, clinics, homes, hotels, factories
Product Details:
1.Quartz glass tube: high UV transmittance and long service life
2.Flame-resistant lamp holder: resistant to hot and cold expansion, easy to clean, non-conductive
3.Appearance: arc design, beautiful and generous
4.Installation: The lamp head is integrated into the bracket, and it is not easy to fall off.
5.Service life: 8000 hours recommended


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